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16 May 2006

chateau by jean lombard

Photo from the Rally Pedrestre - exhausted walkers after 8 kms up hill and down dale!

We had dinner last night at Vicky Harrison's house, at Lournand, (on the way to Cormatin) along with Agnes and her son Damien, also another couple Cambis and Birgitte - he is formerly Iranian, she is from Zurich, so we had a mix of languages. Mostly in French - our common language, and a bit of German, a bit of Farci, a bit of English. Cambis is in my French conversation group with Agnes - I will start again to participate this coming Friday.
Its a lovely house, and it was a very pleasant evening.

The local noisy car rally is the weekend after next, and there is an Aussie family who live in Geneva coming to visit. The couple are journalists and they have two children who are at school, they are coming over this way to camp and ride bikes along the voie verte.
We had Monsieur Gilbert Garcia here yesterday to look at the various projects he is going to do for us, which should hopefully all be finished by then. He will start on the kitchen probably this coming weekend. He is putting up proper shelves and a workbench between the cooker and the window which should make a huge difference and make it into a proper kitchen. Also fly netting on the kitchen windows. Then the downstairs bathroom. We will get a proper shower over the bath, with a handle on the wall. Either tiles or lino on the floor and take away the old shower cabinet completely. Then the main living room. Tiles around the front door and the kitchen sink - a kind of rectangle there, and parquet for the rest of it with the rugs on top.So quite a bit of work! Next year there will be something else!

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