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11 June 2006

Sunday and visitors

The rockery

Hard at work in the courtyard.

Can you see the bees at work in my rockery?

11th June
The weather is just perfect, fresh and clear in the mornings, blue skies, birds singing and bees and insects buzzing. The afternoons warm and sleepy, tempting siestas and reading.
Our weekend has gone really well. John and Mehr Williams and Susan Curran arrived from Geneva about 8pm Friday so by the time we had an aperitif and ate, it was a bit of a late night. They all love it here and we had a great time catching up. All had walks and siestas. We went to the market on Saturday and bumped into Fred Cress who was with Robin Williams (ABC Science Show) and his partner Jonicke (ABC TV Catalyst). We invited them to a bbq Saturday evening and had nine in all and were able to have it in the courtyard as it was really nice and warm and the stones have started to warm up properly and retain their heat, a jolly evening. This morning they all went for walks first off then neighbours Rachel and Alain came around for coffee to meet them and that was good too.Had our first salads from the garden and an amazing amount of strawberries just from my small patch. Will start picking the gooseberries this week.

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