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07 August 2006

Planting a tree

I am always trying to find a solution to shade in the courtyard when the weather is very hot. Earlier this year we put up a pergola, and we have roses and grape vines planted around it hoping they will to cover it quickly. Yesterday we went to a garden shop in Macon and bought a liquid amber tree. It’s already three metres tall, and was quite a challenge to get home with it hanging out the back of the car. However it’s done now and planted. It was almost root bound in the pot, so it must be really feeling happy today spreading its roots in delicious new soil with freedom! It looks as if it is smiling this morning, with its leaves dancing in the breeze. Apparently they are supposed to grow quite quickly up to 10 metres, so hope that happens eventually. After the planting I dashed down the road to Madame Desthieux who had plants for me from her garden. So now I look forward to planting a whole lot of iris around the garden, and planted yesterday some of her salad seedlings.

The tree just before planting you can see the hole against the wall, and here it is afterwards - a liquid amber in place and smiling after being released from a pot.

Cluny tourist office has started a new program for visitors with a kind of game “in search of old Cluny” At the office they give out a form with questions and the tourists search for and identify sites of old Cluny. Karen and I are going to try it out this morning to see if it is suitable for the tour next year.

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