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07 July 2011


Vandalism or terrorism in a small village in rural France! Last Friday night the new relay pole for wireless internet, was cleanly cut to the ground. It was quite a big pole – 30cms in diameter, and right now it is resting against a walnut tree at the side of the road, with its electronic boxes lying beside it.

The relay pole has caused tension and division in this small village. A small group of people, who did not want it near their houses, sent some very foolish fright mail around. However, it went up and now they have taken action into their own hands by demolishing the pole. The Gendarmes are in action!! I suspect no one will admit to doing the deed. It was a major conversation topic at the midsummer feast, and there have been several resignations from the village council, forcing an election in the next few months. It might put in a new regime, which would be no harm. I guess they are all trying to do their best, but of course as always in politics big and small there is inevitably a great deal of self interest.

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