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22 May 2012

Rainy days!

I felt really trapped indoors yesterday, rain, rain and more rain, but managed to pass the day working at my computer and doing some carding of Maria's black fleece.   

We had dinner last night with some local friends who run a gite here, and had a great catch up on general local news.

Today, more rain and grey, and we leave for Lyon airport at midday to fly to Dublin.  We'll pick up a car and drive to Glencullen to my sisters house for an overnight there, tomorrow to friends in Wexford and then on to Cork for the big Lombard research project, where we will stay for three days in Mallow.   We will follow on to Galway, and call in to Monivea and perhaps visit the mausoleum.  Two nights with John's cousin in Galway, and a visit to the house at Ballyglunin - John's mother's old home.  
We watch the French news in the mornings, there is a good 24 hour news program which we like.  Reports of the Italian earthquake and recovery are broadcast each day, what a tragedy.

Then there are the G8 reports and analysis of the new French President and every move he makes, what he wears, who he speaks to, etc.
A significant time for the new President, his first encounter with other world leaders in an official role, it must be so very intimidating for a new boy on the block feeling his way.  Whatever he does, there will be someone saying he should have done something else…..

Sunday – a bit warmer at last.   Had a lovely walk this morning followed by a great Sunday lunch at a local bar/restaurant with a friend.  Sunday lunch in a restaurant is a great French tradition, not something we often participate in.   We had four courses - delicious food and great value and only 10 minutes drive from here. A good result, we will try it again during the week for a “working man’s lunch” (Euros 15!!)

The only problem is – the rest of the day is a write off -  all we can do afterwards is have a long siesta and then wander around doing light bits and pieces.

We are despairing of spring ever coming.  The blackbirds and robins are singing away as if the sun was shining and warm, but it is grey and damp and for us, very cold.

Irises are starting to come out - I feel reluctantly, and I look at my fig tree every day in the hope of seeing even one small bud.  At least the roses are great, all looking strong and healthy and the first rich red one is out. I should be able to guide them up the front of the house this year. I tried to do some weeding this morning, but my hands were too cold.

It means spending more time indoors than we would have wished, keeping the fire going and trying to keep warm.  But that means some activity for me.  I washed part of a black fleece this morning (from Maria) and hope to start felting again when we come back from Ireland on 31st. I have to wait for our trip to Brittany - probably around the middle of June - to collect my spinning wheel.

Two loads of gravel came last week, and Alain has been spreading it in the two smaller caves. When proper windows are put in, it should be so damp.   He also started spreading gravel in the courtyard, and that is already a great improvement - no more red sand traipsed into the house on shoes! 
Friend coming for an apero this evening – will make a quiche as suspect it will be a long session.

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Dianne said...

Brrrr, sounds damp and chilly! Glad to see John is keeping the home fires burning.

Arrived in Oakland yesterday, where it is sunny and warm. Finished up both pairs of socks I was working on before I left, so can deliver them to son and his girlfriend. Will finish up the dinosaur quilt on return to Exeter.

Love reading the blog and seeing the pics!