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26 June 2011

Fêtes de Voisins

Sunday, 26th
We are moving a bit slowly today – the last guests from our street party “fête de voisins” left at 2am. Very, very late for us oldies, seeing as the 91 year old left at midnight!
It was a great evening with the most exquisite food brought by our neighbours. We were responsible for the main course, so I made a huge pot of boeuf bourgignone – of course far too much, in fact there was far too much food all round but delicious. Guacomole with prawns in individual glasses, black bread with tapenade, a beautiful savoury cake made with goat cheese, pistachios and almonds, a very light egg terrine, lychees stuffed with prawns, crudités, then several kinds of salads, beef with rice, a huge platter of amazing cheeses, and finishing off for dessert: bowls of chocolate mousse, fruit salad, and a large basket of blackberries. Beautiful wines, and dessert wine, and an Armagmac with the coffee. Whew..!
People have been dropping in this morning to collect their bowls etc, and we have more or less shared out the leftovers all round, but also managed to stuff lots of fruit and cheese in the freezer.

This past week has been hectic. We met Vicky and Stella for lunch on Thursday at a country inn, about half an hour’s drive from here. Beautiful countryside, and a pleasant few hours spent there with great food.
In the afternoon our French/Aussie friends, Joelle and Bob arrived for an overnight on their way back to Sydney. Then in the evening Rachel and Alain put on a splendid dinner for us all. So really it has been non-stop this week.

Tomorrow we set off early for Chartres on our way to Brittany.

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