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05 June 2012

Puckane, Kildiernan and Monivea.

Sunday (writing from hotel at Oranmore) – another big day. 
I am standing on our balcony and can smell fresh seaweed – the smell of the sea is compelling,  we can see the skeleton of an ancient ruined tower between us and the sea.

We set off from Mallow – and wound our way around some incredibly narrow roads.  We had some difficulty finding Puckane, and pulled in at a cross roads to try to work out where we were.  A car pulled up beside us and the passenger asked “are you lost”  with a very kind offer of help.  The locals must be used to visitors getting lost around here!    
 We eventually found Puckane, and close by Kildiernan church where John and Rosamond are buried.  It was very emotional seeing the gravestone, memories flooded back.     It’s a lovely little church and has services 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.  We noticed this was a 4th Sunday, and only 45 minutes to the time of the service, so decided to stay.   We were warmly welcomed by several people who remembered John’s parents, and had some great chats.  The members of the church take care of the grounds and preserve the orchids in the graveyard. 

We took off north in the direction of Galway and checked in to a hotel at Oranmore – what a bargain, big room with balcony overlooking the bay, free wi-fi, large bed and very comfortable. E58 including buffet brekky.

Our next call was at Monivea to see Marian Hardiman who had sent me photos of the paintings her grandmother had made of the castle and the hunt at Monivea.  It was great to meet this lively, lovely woman, part of a loyal family nursing a very sick mother.
We sat in her conservatory in the sun and talked about Monivea, before wandering down the road to say hello to her bedridden mother.

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